Through the game, you will know how to make sex doll

Whether you consider to be a sex shop owner? , the actual operation may be different from what you think. Maybe you’ve played with real sex dolls, or seen real sex dolls, but you shouldn’t be sex dolls! Recently, steam launched a new simulation game called “love of plastic”, in which players will play a sex doll dealer to experience the difficulty of this professional fun. Slow down, do not think about it. It is not so easy to be a sex toy operator. Although players can face a group of sexy and beautiful love dolls all day, the content of the game is to design and make dolls, or repair damaged dolls sent by customer service. As for how bad a customized real sex doll is The player’s own brain is full! “Plastic love” owners will play the role of store manager, simulating an interesting doll shop, customizing various interesting dolls for customers according to their orders, or repairing damaged dolls, upgrading dolls, etc. Run your own sex shop and build your love doll kingdom. Compared with the interesting doll factory, the game is more like a human construction factory.

Well, during the game, you may choose a lot of functions as making real sex doll (tpe sex doll and silicone sex doll). for example, choosing the color of the pupils of realistic sex doll is very fun things, another instance is about tooth make and fix into the mouth of the best sex doll, certainly, nail is also important circle for sex doll made. Finally, you may choose the clothes for her. Whether you plan to try this game right now? There is fantastic thing to enjoy namely playing game with fucking with real sex doll together. Hey, actually I feel that it is ridiculous.

According to insiders, the game would be released in 2019, the price is not sure. If you are dare to try this game and customize your love doll matched to mid-range sex dolls level, please download it and try.